Is macaroni cheese one of the great comfort foods, We say yes and that’s first because it contains cheese. Cheese is all you want it to be, rich, satisfying food that affects your brain so you crave it more. So we suppose that is what makes a comfort food, happy, contentment. Mac and cheese can be enjoyed as a bowl food, even as a late-night snack as a party winds down, to fuel the body for the journey home, especially on colder nights. With different flavour cheeses, such as stilton mac and cheese, red Leicester mac and cheese, even there the list could go on for as many cheeses there are.

To the grandness of lobster mac and cheese with its cheese sauce infused with a bisque flavour and fresh lobster sitting proudly on top. Wild mushroom mac and cheese. The wild mushroom gives it an earthiness and with the smooth richness of cheese such as goats, stilton or cheddar, any one of them would complement each other Bacon or pancetta, fried in lardons sitting proudly on mac and cheese with a few crispy onions to finish.

Now it is possible to use vegan cheese and replacement milk and still finish with a vegan chorizo sausage or bbq vegan pulled pork. The sweet tanginess of hoisin duck on mac and cheese. You see the possibilities are endless After reading this, there must be an inkling stirring somewhere, mac and cheese. But hey if it hits the spot every now and again, enjoy!



Now summer is just around the corner and you can feel the heat in the sunshine. Maybe it’s time to step outside and let all three wondrous things collide. The first being tacos, we have to say we weren’t much into them until we were asked to put a menu together that had tacos on it. That’s when food becomes interesting when you start to look into what makes tacos, how you can vary, and put a twist on it. Let’s start with Baja cod tacos, a piece of cod fried in a beer and herb batter, marinated red cabbage, pico de gallo and a spicy sauce, all held together in a corn taco.

Everything is there, some salad, flavoursome fish and a sauce to bring it all together. Slow-cooked confit duck, layered with a fine fennel salad with orange and a blackberry compote. Garlic grilled asparagus would sit in the base of the taco shell. Mashed black bean and roasted red pepper salsa, drizzled with sriracha vegan mayonnaise. Korean shredded beef with a gochujang

flavour, red cabbage slaw and avocado cream. This is one we do like, the Korean spice gives it the underlying warmth you get from Mexican foods. Now chicken tinga is something we had never heard of, but after slow cooking chicken ina deep tomato spiced sauce with pickled red onions and sour cream, it all comes together. Vegan feta crumbled with black beans, and tomatoes, a squeeze of lime and olive oil topped with fried plantain. Of course, there is a touch of ancho chilis. With a glass of margaritas or a beer such as pacifico clara or acorona, enjoy the summer vibes, and feel the sun. Summer is on its way!


Now that office lunch is on its way back, let us get you familiar with the different options that are available.

There are the hot buffets as well as cold buffets, always a go-to when you would like something more hearty delivered to your city office ready to set up, kept warm in chafing dishes where possible.

Lunch boxes provide individual lunches ready to eat when you are, with a variety to choose from, vegetarian and vegan are also here.

Finger food is a firm favourite among colleagues as it can offer a wide range of styles and tastes and eat anywhere. We can also make these individuals if you are looking for that choice.

Sometimes when reception is called for, we would be able to help with a wide range of canapes and drinks from cocktails to prosecco and or champagne.

Breakfast is also a good way to start your day, with filled croissants and fruit platters.

And there are sandwich lunches with popular fillings of fish, meats, vegetarian and vegan. Slices of bread can range from multi-grain, ciabatta, and wraps as well as gluten-free bread.

We would hope that we cover most aspects of an office lunch or the drinks reception you might be planning. From china and glassware, quality recyclable/compostable plates and cups. Waiting for staff if needed to serve and look after your guests or colleagues.

Please get in contact 0207 018 6610, orders@mavenfoods and view our website for more ideas and information.




We suppose there is not much difference between them, a buffet being a selection of foods normally placed in one line. You would take a dinner plate and choose

from a selection of what’s on offer and then be seated at a table to eat.

Please don’t get us wrong, a buffet would have a good choice of foods and a place to sit and enjoy whatever you may choose and some that works well, a bit more formal.

Whereas a grazing table in our minds is more individual items such as crostinis topped with mashed avocado and sunblushed tomatoes, rolls of prosciutto filled with celeriac remoulade. All decked out on a table to suit the number of guests, maybe at different levels with cut breads, fruits and flowers and foliage to set it all off.

For some this gives a more social aspect as you might not be seated once you have made your choice, but instead have smaller plates and a fork and rome around the grazing table to help yourself to whatever takes your eye

Sometimes desserts can be amongst the savoury, or placed on a grazing table of their own, for later in the evening. This can give colleagues a chance to nibble here and there, take a drink and keep going back for more. At some point introduce the desserts and again have a little of what you fancy more often.

There are no set rules, it’s what works for you in the space you might have available. Please call if you would like to explore grazing tables.


Bored of the same old cakes and desserts. Made a salted caramel sauce to drizzle over ice cream, sundaes and waffles. Why not try adding a savoury twist to give your cakes a deeper flavour, another dimension. One of my favourite flavours to get to that point where you can not help but eat more than you should is miso. Miso makes an excellent edition to all of your favourite dishes. One of my favourite things to bake is cinnamon rolls with miso paste and blueberries. This gives a great twist and you will be surprised by what an excellent flavour the miso gives the cinnamon rolls. Umami is what the Japanese might say, but ‘swalty’ it seems we might say here!
Miso is a Japanese paste, a mix of soybeans, grains and sea salt. Once fermented and aged, the mixture is ready to use. The wonderful paste that results from this process comes in a few forms. Buttery shiro (white) misos to medium-bodied shinsu (yellow) misos to beefy, pungent aka (red) varieties. To get an idea of what makes them different, the darker in color the miso, the saltier and more pungent it tastes.
White chocolate and burnt butter miso make for a unique cookie. It can easily be whipped up for a cosy winter afternoon at home either with a hot chocolate or a smooth red wine.
Tried all the variety of brownie recipes. Why not add some white miso paste and give them an umami flavour you never knew was there.
Even cheesecakes can be given a little lift, even if you do use fresh fruit in your mix.
Not sure about miso, why not try adding your favourite vegetable to cakes, carrot, pumpkin, beetroot, butternut squash and courgette to muffins, brownies or loaf cake. Or why not follow the example of the Americans and make a pumpkin pie. But just add a teaspoon of miso, it will become one of your kitchen staples.
Go and explore your cupboard and delight your taste buds.

Why vegan wines, beers and sparkling wines?

Well decided here at mavenfoods, veganism is becoming a big part of everyday life by understanding the process on how wine is produced. So when we were changing our wine list, vegan wines, beers and sparkling wines seemed a good place to be.

Not that we’re saying non vegan wines are bad for you. We just felt that if you were to organise an office party or a reception for colleges, it’s a way to make it easier for you to arrange drinks to suit all tastes so that guests that you may or may not know do not feel excluded.

As wines and even sparkling wines have improved over the years, we have tasted what we have put forward for you. I have to say, we are no experts but know when a wine is not particularly smooth or has strong tanning taste. We have gone for delightful taste and well rounded flavours.

While compiling this list,there are some great traditional brands like taittinger, which you might not have expected, as well as new world wines to drink on sunny afternoons. As we have said, we are not excluding all wines, and are quite happy to source wines you have a preference for, we’re just here to make your guests have a relaxed enjoyable time.

There are some great beers that are vegan and traditional as well as a gluten free beer which still has a great taste.

We are here to make life easier for you to organise drinks, ice, bar equipment and anything else you may need, to suit all your guests needs.