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Korean Food

    Korean food sits somewhere between Japanese and Chinese food, but still able to have a style and individuality all off its own. Top of the list is kimchi, a spicy fermented cabbage or now it can use other vegetables, which is seen as a healthy food that benefits its said, your diegeston with […]


When it comes to the table decorations, you can be met with lots of options which can be overwhelming. The one the most would ponder on, whether you’re planning your wedding or any type of seat down fayre. Do you have flowers which is a great way to go. But depending on the number of […]


Once you have invited all your guests and have a rough idea of how many friends and family are joining you and once you know how many tables you will need. Now comes a part of the planning that you could make really fun, naming the tables. While most couples opt for numbers. Why not […]

What should I serve my guests to drink at my wedding?

When It comes to planning a wedding a lot of questions will come up.  One of the main ones being how do I make my wedding stand out from all the other weddings I have attended. One of the simplest and most customisable way to offer your guests a cocktail during the canape reception. A […]

Weddings, a time to celebrate…

When you start to plan your wedding, all the ideas you’ve ever seen will be in your head. The place you’ve always had in mind for your ceremony. The venue you and your guests would join together to eat, drink, and step on to the dance floor for the first dance together as a couple. […]

Japanese Party Food

Japanese food has become increasingly well-known for more than just Sushi and Yakitori, as now Japan has become the number one destination for foodies to go to and try the vast variety of amazing, tasty dishes with a depth of flavour. This Umami taste comes from a mix of kombu kelp and bonito flakes, also […]

Why vegan wines, beers and sparkling wines?

Well decided here at mavenfoods, veganism is becoming a big part of everyday life by understanding the process on how wine is produced. So when we were changing our wine list, vegan wines, beers and sparkling wines seemed a good place to be. Not that we’re saying non vegan wines are bad for you. We […]