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Now that office lunch is on its way back, let us get you familiar with the different options that are available. There are the hot buffets as well as cold buffets, always a go-to when you would like something more hearty delivered to your city office ready to set up, kept warm in chafing dishes […]

Adding some extra protein to your diet!!

Protein is one of the essentials of your diet intake of foods, but nowadays some of us like to add a little extra to help us through our busy days especially if you go to a gym too. In some cases cutting down on carbohydrates and replacing them with protein-based foods might be better for […]


  A Lunch bag, with all that you might need within it. A filled sandwich with either meat, fish, vegetarian or vegan on granary bread or if you are after a gluten-free bread too. You can have a drink, a piece of fruit and a classic chocolate bar or crisps. Once the basics are decided […]


We suppose there is not much difference between them, a buffet being a selection of foods normally placed in one line. You would take a dinner plate and choose from a selection of what’s on offer and then be seated at a table to eat. Please don’t get us wrong, a buffet would have a […]

Is a BBQ just sausages and burgers!

So just to say there is nothing wrong with a good burger or great sausages, the question should be why stop there. There are so many flavours from around the world to explore, all on a bbq Let’s start with a japanese style bbq with grilled shiitake mushrooms chicken wings and asparagus, simple yet tasty […]

Korean Food

    Korean food sits somewhere between Japanese and Chinese food, but still able to have a style and individuality all off its own. Top of the list is kimchi, a spicy fermented cabbage or now it can use other vegetables, which is seen as a healthy food that benefits its said, your diegeston with […]


When it comes to the table decorations, you can be met with lots of options which can be overwhelming. The one the most would ponder on, whether you’re planning your wedding or any type of seat down fayre. Do you have flowers which is a great way to go. But depending on the number of […]


Once you have invited all your guests and have a rough idea of how many friends and family are joining you and once you know how many tables you will need. Now comes a part of the planning that you could make really fun, naming the tables. While most couples opt for numbers. Why not […]

What should I serve my guests to drink at my wedding?

When It comes to planning a wedding a lot of questions will come up.  One of the main ones being how do I make my wedding stand out from all the other weddings I have attended. One of the simplest and most customisable way to offer your guests a cocktail during the canape reception. A […]